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Regeneration -

Evergreen Oak Regeneration Project for Broughton Astley Parish Council Playing Field

After the loss of a large Ash tree to an extension of the Playing Field car park, a small grant was obtained to replace the tree

The Brief from Broughton Astley Parish Council, and a condition of the grant, was for an Evergreen tree native to Bitain. The playing field has an abundance of deciduous Oaks, Cherries, Ashes and Horse Chesnuts but no other evergreen trees, so that ruled out a fir, Larch or Spruse. For the new tree to be in style and keeping with the rest of the park - research began into the rarer Evergreen range of Oaks -

The "Holm Oak" (Quercus Ilex), The Hybrid "Lucombe Oak" (Quercus X Hispanica) and the "Cork Oak" (Quercus Suber)

After careful consideration, taking into account many different factors for a busy park setting, such as fragility of bark and even spikyness of leaves and obvoiusly stock,size, availability and of course cost to the public - The decision was made to have a slightly larger and therefore more costly Holm Oak.

In order that the parish could benifit from a larger, stronger specimen - one that would be more lightly to survive the vandals, Leicester Tree Care were proud to be able to offer their time free of charge for the entire process..


Holm OakHolm OakLeicester Tree Care










Bush Preservation


Conservation & Preservation -

Bush preservation as part of the wider landscaping project.

It's a small and perhaps insignificant bush to most.. and many people comented whilst this landscaping project was in progress - "just cut it down" ....but no, we must try and preserve trees and bushes where ever possible and if thats not always possible then
we should try to relocate or replace in a nearby location.
In the end it was worth the effort of building around it...