Leicester Tree Care

Tree Felling -

Both Simon and Robbie have trained in Forestry where the emphasis is on felling and processing large volumes of timber efficiently. This industry also requires the training in the use of high capacity winches to pull and roll the trees when they become hung up on others. See pictures below:

Sink CutFelling Pie CutTree Felling
WinchingLarge Capacity WinchTree Felling

















Sectional felling -

When a tree can not be felled, because of obstructions like sheds, greenhouses etc. the tree then needs to be climbed and dismantled piece by piece with parts being lowered to the ground to avoid breaking anything. A short video demonstration of Robbie and Simon sectional felling a large tree can be viewed here: - LTC Sectional Felling Demonstration Video

Tree DismantlingTree Limb WalkingTree FellingTree Felling